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Your Property, My Priority

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From Flying To Being A Hawker To Real Estate Consultant

Hi, I'm Gerald Goh.

Before I embarked on my journey as a real estate agent, I had a colourful career as a flight crew member with Singapore Airlines. I cherished those years, which enriched me with diverse experiences and connections.


However, after eight years in the sky, I yearned to spend more time on the ground - with my family. This was my first turning point, leading me towards a career change.

The transition wasn't immediate. Before stepping into real estate, I ventured into the F&B industry, bringing delightful flavors of Penang to Singapore. As a passionate food lover, I initiated a small venture selling prawn noodles and Penang fare. This endeavor not only allowed me to follow my passion but also helped me understand the nuances of starting and running a business.

However, my heart soon led me to the dynamic world of real estate, an area that was new but held immense promise. Despite not having an extensive network or experience in this industry initially, I was determined to turn the tide in my favor. With the support of close friends already thriving in this sector, I dove headfirst into this new adventure.

Today, I stand as a successful real estate agent with seven years of enriching experiences under my belt. My real estate journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with challenges and victories that have shaped me into the professional I am today.

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A Life-Changing Experience.

I firmly believe that buying or selling a home isn't just a transaction – it's a life-changing experience. Hence, I approach every interaction with sincerity and a deep understanding of your unique circumstances.

My experience as a homeowner and real estate agent for over seven years has equipped me with a distinct perspective on the industry. I appreciate the emotional aspects of buying or selling a property, and I understand the practical concerns that come with such a significant investment.

At the heart of my approach is open and honest communication. I always take the time to understand your needs, wants, and goals to guide you through your real estate journey effectively. My role is not just about selling or buying; it's about building a strong relationship, providing expert advice, and ensuring that you make informed decisions.

My approach is not about quick transactions, but about ensuring that every client I work with is satisfied with their real estate journey. For me, your satisfaction, happiness, and financial security are the true measures of my success.

My Services, Your Choice.

Aomprehensive suite of real estate services for you to choose what best fits your unique needs and aspirations

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Video Marketing

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1-to-1 Consultation

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Home Staging

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Comprehensive Marketing Plan

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Financial Planning

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Property Management

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Growing Your Wealth

Want to plan for your future by investing in property but don’t know where to start? Many people are unaware of how to go about doing so which may cause unfavorable consequences.


Book a consultation session with me to learn more about the do’s and don’ts in Property Wealth Planning!

Common Questions Consdensed Into
2 E-Books

With so much confusion and answers out there, who should you listen to?

I have painstakingly compiled and condensed all of my clients' common questions and MISTAKES that they did + what could have been avoided into THESE 2 E-BOOKS: The 10-Year Guide: Maximize Your Property Gains & New or Resale: Top 10 Questions For The Right Fit.

These guide provides practical advice and insider insights to help you make informed decisions and empower your real estate journey.


Gain access to them now simply by clicking the button below!


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Leading Multiple Projects All Over Our Sunny Little Island

The highlights of my real estate career are when I was appointed as the Project In-Charge (IC) for various projects all over Singapore.


A Project IC is one of the highest roles that a real estate agent can become and I'm honoured to have led 8 projects throughout my career. It also empowered me with knowledge and insights that a regular agent wouldn't have, as I knew the insides and outs of each project that I led.


This newfound knowledge and experience have allowed me to better assist clients who are hesitant to make a decision.

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What They Say

"Working with Gerald was an absolute pleasure. He took the time to understand our needs and helped us find our dream home. His commitment to service is unparalleled. Gerald not only knows the industry inside out, but he also cares about his clients and makes their satisfaction a top priority.

Linda and Michael Thompson, Happy Homeowners

Need More Reasons To Engage Me?

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Empowering You With My Convictions 

Ever since I started out as a real estate agent, I have always placed heavy importance on allocating sufficient time to focus on fulfilling every client's needs. My dedication, transparency, and familiarity with my clients stand out above all else to better assist my clients.

Most importantly, my freedom in expressing my genuine thoughts and convictions allows my clients to feel my sincerity.

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Ready for a Smooth Real Estate Journey?

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Gerald Goh

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